The Immensity of a Moment

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“For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love.”

— Carl Sagan

There is an immensity to each moment. Bulging almost bursting with meaning and intention and everything past and future and yet so so so present.

There is something of the moment that takes us for granted. We open to it with wide eyes and the taste of hope in the back of our throats.

This feels like falling in love. In the moment, this moment,  we are captured by the all-ness that is any and every moment if we breathe into it. If we simply allow, allow all of it.

This though, is scary. It reminds us, if only briefly, of our vastness. Of our almost conceivable nature of infinite. We want so much to touch this, to be so close that our lines become indistinguishable to that which is and always has been and forever, and just forever…but we’re also defined by things and words which have a hardness, an innate construction which gives us a purpose that part of us is unwilling to surrender.

If only we knew we were always home instead of trying to get there. As Ram Das said “We are all just walking each other home”. Even more so, we are always reminding each other that we never left. That we never can leave. That the nest we continue to jump from to find our ever evolving wings, that this nest can never be anywhere but with us, within us.