FullSizeRender-3Take nothing personally, even love. It’s not “ours” to give or receive. It is just what is. Beyond all other layers. Love is an invitation, over and over, to tap into the source that is “us”, has always been “us” and will far outlive “us”. It connects us to that mysterious truth of “infinity” which our minds will never grasp and our hearts will always strive to hold.

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  1. hi Scarlet, you’re doing some beautiful things with your life by sharing your Love…….I would like to find out if you have a website I can join to receive your thoughts………Never forget how amazing you Are…………….blessings…….bob


    • Hi Bob! thank you 🙂 I believe you can sign up for the blog to receive notifications of new posts…but the technology side is unfortunately not my strong suit…im looking to expand my work in this way but havent figured out how that will look yet. Thank you so much for your kind words and support!


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