A place where the past is complete, but the future hasn’t yet begun.971179_695906810435325_1032533549_n

Between two beautiful worlds exists a world all it’s own. A reminder, that there is nowhere to go, there is no final destination, just chapters.

I’ve come upon an empty page and all I want is to draw myself naked in the middle of a turquoise ocean, floating, face to the sky, warmth above and cool beneath. 

I’m trusting,

that the right combination of salt and H2O will keep me at the surface if I breathe just right. I’ll focus on that.  In and out, simple, right?

These words that want to crash from my fingers and the song that keeps escaping from my lips.

 I must allow all of this.

Even if there is no obvious next step. Even if it’s one precipice after the next. Perhaps these edges are the truth.

Each threshold asks us to dive deeper into now. It asks us to give up the past and the future and do nothing less but drop to our knees and offer up both empty palms.

So we can do nothing less but fill our eyes with new light and our hearts with the pulse of this. very. moment.

Our minds- asked to be empty and bold. And in the grace of letting it go say, “I do not know. I do not know”

Challenging the Status Quo 101

I think we’ve outgrown the idea that challenging the status quo is wearing spiked collars, dying our hair blue, or getting our tongues pierced.

whyThe real status quo we are being asked to challenge is our beliefs. The ones we don’t even consciously know why we hold. The question “why?” is perhaps our best tool for this.  That single question is the flashlight into the dark expanse of our own belief system, it is what wedges us from the belief we hold and asks us to look at ourselves from a wider lens.

If our beliefs create our reality, we owe it to ourselves to be curious. Each time we use a word such as “right/wrong”, “good/bad”, “acceptable/unacceptable”,“normal/weird”,  we have the opportunity to peel back a layer or two (or twelve) and see what is really there. These adjectives are all too often packing paper to our beliefs, keeping them insulated from who we’ve become.

What if each time we heard our own voice respond in one of these words, we immediately followed with “why?” and allow ourselves to be with whatever discomfort arrises?

As Neil Donald Walsch says, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”  Sometimes we collapse comfort into complacency and “why?” is our opportunity to excavate our truth from the rubble of cultural norms, out-dated patterns and disjointed beliefs.  When we keep ourselves on our own toes with an open mind, we allow ourselves to evolve. Maybe a belief we held at one time doesn’t quite fit who we are now. Life may be happening outside of us but our aliveness is completely up to us. The more awake we are to our choices and why we choose them, the more alive we are, every. single. moment.


What do I  want to write about? Truth-the taste of it. Dripping from salted, trembling lips-the kind that moves mountains within us. I want to talk about what It’s like to feel like you’ve hit “rock bottom” only to see the bottom is lined in golden foil and somehow light keeps getting into this darkened room that doesn’t quite live up to it’s reputation.

I don’t want to write about human perseverance, we eat that shit for breakfast. Every morning there is something in us that says “yes” to the mystery of it all. And so, we step into the day in unwavering devotion.

youIts more about what you do when you’ve had to fold. It’s what you do when everything seems to be telling you to STOP but the momentum for more, next, different, still swells in tsunami force within your quaking heart. It’s what you do to slow down long enough to count each line in the road, sometimes each crack in the pavement and trust that this will lead you, still blinded by the unknown.

I want to write about coming home. Coming home to your voice, your truth, and the echo of all that was and is no more. I want to write about coming home to you, only to realize that you’ve been “it” all along.

Our Becoming

become meme

And perhaps this is our destiny- to ride the continuum of becoming. No final destination, just chapters to the story of our lives.

“We’re so engaged in doing things to achieve purposes of outer value that we forget the inner value, the rapture that is associated with being alive, is what it is all about.” -Joseph Campbell

I imagine a future school where kids are taught this lesson, the “magic of becoming”. We are our meaning makers, our story makers, our book and our reader. We are here to dazzle ourselves into presence and revere in the perfection of our own creations.